2020-21 Flux Basketball Hobby Box Pack

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Flux makes its debut featuring the popular opti-chrome technology!
Look for a stunning lineup of Autograph, Parallel, and Insert content throughout the program!

Flux features a 250 card base set, made up of 200 Veterans and 50 Rookies! Collect the top players from across the league, including rookies, in each set!

Configuration Box

  • Cards per pack: 5
  • Total cards: 5


  • EQUINOX ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS GOLD, EQUINOX AUTOGRAPHS BLACK, & TITAN ROOKIE PURPLE: Find one uncirculated encased card in each Flux Hobby Box! Look for randomly inserted Equinox Autographs and Equinox Rookie Autographs, including the Gold and Black (1-of-1) Parallels!

  • HOBBY EXCLUSIVES STRATOSPHERE, MESOSPHERE, & THERMOSPHERE: Collect 5 different levels of the Atmosphere in the following sets: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere! Look for top veteran and rookie players from across the league!

  • BASE SUPERNOVA (HOBBY EXCLUSIVE), FLO MOTION GOLD, & FLUID RED: The all-new Flux has no shortfall of Parallel or Insert content! Look for an incredible selection of parallels for the base set including the super-short printed Supernova, which can only be found in Hobby boxes!