Frequently Asked Questions

Since I started Cards from the Bench I have been fortunate enough to talk with a lot of collectors, both new and established but the questions are often the same.  With that in mind, I wanted to developed a list of questions and answers that make it easy for everyone to enjoy the hobby as much as I do. 


>Can you get trading cards for other sports or just basketball?

While Cards from the Bench specialises in NBA trading cards as this is what we know and love, we have a distribution agreement with a US based wholesaler so we are able to import different sports to Sydney, Australia and then ship them out to you. Recently we have placed orders for NHL, EPL and Pokemon cards disclosing the price before placing the order. We don't ask for deposits for orders under $1,000AUD so contact us if you cannot find that elusive box.  

>Where to buy NBA cards in Australia?

Of course we are going to say Cards from the Bench is the best option. We pride ourselves on offering a great customer experience pre and post your card purchase experience. We are online only for now but looking at opening an in-store space as Sydney emerges out of lockdown, stay tuned for more details. While we specialise in NBA there are card specialists in Australia that have expanded knowledge of other sports and collectables. If you are after breaks and want recommendations, give me a call and I will recommend a few who we supply and trust. We encourage you to shop around and if you find a price and want us to match then just ask and we will do our best.    

>I have my collections from the 90s, do you want to buy it? 

I collected in the 90s and held on to that collection for many years. There are literally thousands of us from that era who have a collection they want to move. Unfortunately, the demand isn't anywhere near the supply so selling it off will be tough. Three things to keep in mind; 1. Jordan will sell so look after those cards. 2. If you corners on your cards have white edges, it won't matter if it's Jordan, no one is buying. 3. Do your own research on the values, check eBay or 130 Point

 >What is the difference between the cards you sell and what the Australian retailers like Big W, Target etc. sell?

Fortunately for Australians, NBA product has become more available than ever. This means that if you want to pick up some retail product then you might be lucky enough to get it from one of these big retailers. We do sell some of this product too when we can source it through our distributors and it offers great value for money and often exclusive versions of cards. It is the perfect entry point for those starting out in our awesome hobby. A "hobby" box is for the serious collector and the price point reflects the opportunity to score yourself a big card. You won't find a hobby box in any of the large Australian retail stores. 

>I want to put my cards in cases but how do I know how thick they are?

On the site you will see that we have one touch cases to keep your cards protected from 35 point to 180 point. Did you know there are cards that are 360 point in thickness too?! I personally don't have the eye with card thickness yet so I have downloaded this awesome file from BCW to help me find the right size case. 

>Where can I buy cards to display my collection?

You will see Cards from the Bench use stands from time to time for the photography of our cards. Daniel from Pro Cut produced these for us and can customise whatever you need. Check them out on Facebook at Pro Cut - Custom Card Stands

>How do sport card breaks work and do you have any breakers you recommend?

Card breaks or "breaks" are when a "breaker", a person or business buys a box of sports cards and then sells spots for individual collectors to buy in to a selection of cards that come from that box. There are various formats that breaks will come in including Pick Your Team (PTY) or Random Team or even Random Player. Breakers have been around for a number of years and it can be a rich business but on the flip side, it can be great for collectors that cannot afford the outlay of an expensive box. We did not supply product regularly to breakers but hav built up relationships in the hobby. Joe at Galaxy Sports Breaks based in Sydney and the boys at Cardbros in Brisbane are two breakers we are comfortable recommending so check them out.