Frequently Asked Questions

Since I started Cards from the Bench I have been fortunate enough to talk with a lot of collectors, both new and established but the questions are often the same.  With that in mind, I wanted to developed a list of questions and answers that make it easy for everyone to enjoy the hobby as much as I do. 

>I have my collections from the 90s, do you want to buy it? 

I collected in the 90s and held on to that collection for many years. There are literally thousands of us from that era who have a collection they want to move. Unfortunately, the demand isn't anywhere near the supply so selling it off will be tough. Three things to keep in mind; 1. Jordan will sell so look after those cards. 2. If you corners on your cards have white edges, it won't matter if it's Jordan, no one is buying. 3. Do your own research on the values, check eBay or 130 Point

>I want to put my cards in cases but how do I know how thick they are?

On the site you will see that we have one touch cases to keep your cards protected from 35 point to 180 point. Did you know there are cards that are 360 point in thickness too?! I personally don't have the eye with card thickness yet so I have downloaded this awesome file from BCW to help me find the right size case.