About Us


"The Bench" is a nickname so the store name was easy to develop but for me, it was about the customer experience. I got back into collecting NBA cards a few years back and saw it explode in early 2020. What I also saw was a lot of people who didn't have time for the average collector and the arrogance that was around the business. With that in mind, I decided to launch an online card store that was about the enjoyment of busting open cards, whether that be a $5 pack or a $2000 box. 

Based on the north side of Sydney in Artarmon, Cards from the Bench is about collecting basketball cards. I love the NBA and so I decided just to focus my store on this rather than get into other types of sports cards.  My business values are around a commit to customers to offer a great experience with honesty and trust while continuing to learn and educate customers along the way. 

I have a lot of first time collectors buying from me and there have been some great cards pulled. I also have the high end collectors who are looking for that big money pay day but I don't treat anyone any differently. 

My team is the Phoenix Suns so often I find myself trading for the likes of KJ (Kevin Johnson) or some of the greatest Suns players like Nash, Kidd, Amare, Barkley and the new crop in Booker and Ayton. 

Happy collecting to you all. Love to interact so drop me a message or email and tell me what you think about the store and the experience so I can make it better. 

0417 265 792