About Us

North of the bridge in Sydney, Australia you will find my office filled with all things NBA. I have singles, packs and boxes of trading cards as well as a bunch of caps for the fan and the fanatic. I'm looking at stocking other NBA products so if you have a need then let me know.

My NBA journey started like many others having been in the collecting space since the early 90s (a Kevin Johnson fan from 93-94). The lockdown in 2020 changed my world too and I sold off much of my collection to fund this new venture.
The "Bench" is a nickname so the store name was easy to develop. The mission for Cards From The Bench is to source quality product at low prices and offer great customer service. 12 months on and Ebay sales are going well but I want to be able to know my customers and deliver what you are looking for so we launched our own site.

The philosophy is to ensure that every customer I deal with feels like they are having a great experience and if that is not the case then let me know. Feedback will only make it better so drop me an email.

Happy collecting!