Kicking off Bench Breaks

The hobby has changed a lot over the years and the emergence of breakers has meant that collectors can get into top end product without the huge risk or outlay. Over the last few months, I have had a number of conversations with collectors who have decided to invest and pay for a box so they can keep it all to themselves.  To support these customers, I have decided to open some product myself and share the outcome on the financial side of busting a box.

The rules are simply, we look at the retail price on my store, bust open the packs and then list everything on eBay or the website to sell. Each week I will share the progress and make an assessment once all sales channels have been exhausted. Some cards I will keep for my PC and others I will flick to customers and collectors I know so for those I will use average of the low/high on Beckett for values.  

Love to get feedback via the comments section or on the social channels and of course, if you see anything you like, make an offer.

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